Tuning snare drum fat sound

2019-10-22 20:53

Dec 07, 2012 To get a fat sound, I use a Hazy 300 on the snareside with a 42strand strainer, and a Remo Pinstripe on the batter (I know that most people might think this is heresy, but I assure you, if you're looking for a fat, wet sound, this head works great). The snareside is cranked, very tight. And the batter is tuned just above wrinkle.Big Fat Snare Drum tuning suggestions? submitted 2 and Puresound Super30 wires. This is also the hardest snare to tune that I've ever owned. Every Youtube video I watch doesn't talk about tuning they just throw the BFSD on there and it sounds like magic. When I put it on mine, it sounds almost like I'm hitting wet paper. if the snare tuning snare drum fat sound

Aug 08, 2007  I've been trying to get a fat slap sound out of the snare. I'm against EQing the snare if you're using plug ins. Try this: tune the snare (as always) and use an SM57 or a ribbon mic like the Apex 205. Then put a LDC under the snare. Then put a little piece of tape and maybe a

Keep in mind that your drums should already sound good. These methods will not make your drums sound any better they will only help reduce unwanted extra ringing. Snare and Tom Muffling. Detune Lugs The quickest and easiest way to muffle your snare drum and get a nice fat Oct 30, 2013 I reference the Drum Tuning Bible for this: starting out at rattley loose just above that, I'll start to hear a fatter snare sound, but get lots of snare buzz keep tightening, and you'll start to get a real crisp, snarey sound (the opposite of fat ) tuning snare drum fat sound May 10, 2018  For a fat, punchy sound, Ive always had best results with a much lower tuning on the snare side head. Sometimes even pitched below the batter head. Snares just kissing the head enough to make a nice, even splash of snare sound. Batter medium or mediumlow tension and snare

Drum Sound FAQ The important stuff that affects your drum sound. Resonant snare side drumheads The important info, all on one page. Fat snare drum tuning A huge range of tips for a deep fat sound. Bass drum port holes What they do, and how they affect your sound. tuning snare drum fat sound Besides tuning your snare drum differently, there are a few other ways to quickly get a fat snare drum sound. Best of all, some of these dampening techniques are completely free. There are also some great products out there for getting a quick, easy, and very consistent fat snare drum. Jun 05, 2016 What's great about these especially if you use only 1 snare drum in your setup is you just put it on top of your drum and its an instant fat sound. no different tunings on your drum. I have the jingle, donut and full head for different mutings and sounds. Even though this is not a new idea I think this product is a win on all the variations they Shop Talk Tuning Your Snare Drum. by Gary Montgomery. A common complaint among many drummers is excessive snare drum rattling and buzzing when striking another drum in the set. Another familiar complaint is, my snare drum just never sounds crisp enough. Nov 13, 2018  My problem is that I love the fat snare drum sound, but I cant get the right mix. Can you help me? First off, this is a great question! We need to make sure that the snare drum is first in good order with a good set of drum heads and tuned correctly. If you dont happen to know how to tune a snare drum, often times your drummer will.

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